About Asbesin

About Us

AS BESIN assigned the first step to the sector in 1970. Owners of AS BESİN had had a wide accumulation and experience in agricultural industry based on ancient history they estaplished AS BESIN in 1990. We pride ourselves as a leader in pulses(legumes) and nuts industry.

AS BESIN has established the new plant which has 10000 m² closed area in Organized Indusrial Zone in 1995 and still contunies by growing day by day.

• R&D department of AS BESIN invented very important inventions for all of the sector, which are whole red lentils and a drying system.
• Due to these two big inventions, products have been started to process more hygienic and natural.
• AS BESIN has set up first full automotion Bulgur Plant in all over the world..
• AS BESIN has first World Standarts Pistachio Plant in Turkey.
AS BESIN has all of the quality, management and hyginenic certificates. According the this certificates AS BESIN built lots of microbiologic laboratory. Therefore, AS BESIN’s biggest source of pride is always research new technologies and nature systems with the slogan “Strong R & D”. Because we have promise to nature.